Why are ebike conversion kits becoming so popular?

Do you love commuting to work on your bike but find it quite exhausting and you are physically worn out to cycle to and from work? Well there is another way that means you can continue the cycle you enjoy without the need to over exert yourself. An electric bike conversion kit means that you can convert your peddle bike into a fully operational electric bike.

What do electric bike conversion kits do?

Why might you want to do that we hear you ask? Well by making your peddle bike into an electric bike with an ebike conversion kit you can ride a greater distance as you will be getting assistance from the electric motor. This means that you do not have to use as much energy to go greater distances. It also means that you can tackle any terrain and just give yourself a boost with the electric throttle when you need some extra help.

There are many different options when it comes with the electric bike conversion kits including electric wheel kits which means you remove your standard wheel and install an electric wheel that has an inbuilt motor on it. This can either be done on the front or the rear of the bicycle.

Another option is to get a mid frame motor which can usually be installed onto the frame of the bike. This gives the bike greater balance as the motor is installed under the driver. According to ebikeobsessed this is the best method and is the most popular method due to the even weight distribution.

What’s even better is that these electric bike conversion kits can be gotten as part of the bike to work scheme in the UK. This means that the government will fund you with a grant so you won’t even have to pay the whole cost of the ebike conversion kit! We thought we would mention this as a great option to get to work as we love all things electric! Until next time..

What to look for when buying an Ebike Conversion Kit

We have not wrote a lot about ebike conversion kits here at ridegasscooters.com as we have mainly focused on the electric scooter as that is where all the rage as been the last while. However ebikes are a great alternative and many people may prefer using them as they are used to bikes on the road where as the electric scooters are still only really catching on.

The great thing about getting yourself an electric bike is that you don’t actually have to get an electric bike! Instead all you need is one of these ebike conversion kits and you can make your normal bike an electric bike in an evening. All you need to do is buy an all in one ebike converion kit and install it on to your standard bike.

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What you need to decide before choosing a ebike kit is what you actually want it for. Is it to go a greater distance? Is it to climb steep hills in your area? Or is it purely for fun. If you are using it to commute to work and it is quite a distance then you will want a electric bike conversion kit that has a great range. This can be powered by a 250W motor which should be more than enough to get you say 50 miles on a full charge.

You will also need to look at things like  max speed. The average max speed is about 15 miles per hour which is quite a bit for a bike. Some other things to consider are where you want the battery. There are both front and back electric wheel options and also a mid hub option which is best as it has the weight of the battery in the middle of the bike. This is quite a basic explanation of what is needed for an ebike conversion kit but if you want to know more we have set up a new website especially dedicated to them as we think they are great. Just head over to www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk and there are articles on everything you need to know about getting yourself an ebike.

How to Choose the Best electric Scooter for You

Electric scooters are becoming apopular mode of transportation for people who can’t walk, or whocan’t walk very far, on their own. There are many different brands of scooters such as Xiaomi, Gotrax and Ninebot to name a few of the main brands. This post was written by one of our friends over at http://www.etech.ie/ who can be contacted for the above brands in Ireland.

 Basically, a electric scooter is a motorized device that has a body/frame, a seat, two rear wheels, one or two front wheels and handlebars. Most scooters are powered by an electrical system with a rechargeable battery.

To choose the best scooter for you,you’ll first need to determine where you’ll ride it the most. If you can get around your house without the use of a scooter, but you need one for shopping trips and doing errands away from home, then a small”electric scooter” will suit you best. electric scooters can be “broken down” or taken partially apart so they easily fit inside a trunk. They are made with lightweight materials too, for easy handling.

Even though a electric scooter is small, it can usually go approximately ten to twenty miles on a single charge.

Despite its many pros, one con of a electric electric scooter is that, since it’s made to be light in weight, it doesn’t have a heavy duty suspension or a lot of padding in the seat. This means its ride won’t be as smooth or comfortable as a regular-sized scooter.

Three-wheeled electric scooters are the best choice for people who need transportation inside their homes.The single front wheel gives this type of scooter a tighter turning ability. This feature makes it easier to steer around tight places inside a building.

 For the most stable ride outside onrough, uneven terrain, choose a four-wheeled model. The fourth wheel,of course, adds stability so you won’t have to worry about tipping your scooter over when you’re riding over surfaces that aren’t smooth.

And if you’re an adventuresome soul who wants to get outside and electric on all types of terrain, then an”All Terrain electric Scooter” would suit you the best.

electric scooters are in the small category, while the other varieties of scooters come in medium and large sizes. Medium-sized scooters offer their passengers more comfortable seating and can electric more miles between battery charges. They often sport larger wheels and have a higher speed range, usually up to somewhere around six miles an hour.

Large-sized electric scooters naturally go the fastest, with the average top speed being around eight miles an hour. If this type of transportation device has the necessary lighting and other safety features installed on it, they can be street legal. This could be the right choice if you’re planning on driving round town.

 But, there is even more information to consider when you choose the best electric scooter for you. The specific type of disability you have and your physical condition alsowill play a part in the choosing of a scooter.

Unfortunately, a scooter isn’t the right transportation for everyone. People who can’t sit erect for long periods of time, or who don’t have the dexterity or the strength to operate the controls can’t use electric scooters.

When you call a manufacturer to find out information about a electric scooter, the customer service representative will ask you questions about your disability. He or she isn’t prying. Instead, they need to determine if you can use a scooter. If so, they need to determine which type of their scooters will suit you the best.

Before you make that call, you should speak to your healthcare professional and talk to him/her about your needs. Your doctor can evaluate your situation and make the best recommendations.

Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter Review

You would be surprised at how long electric scooters have been around. There are videos going back as far as the early 1960’s that show people using scooters. We have come a long way since then and of course now you can use the electric scooter to get to work in a cost effective manner. The electric scooter is still a relatively new idea and people are still getting used to seeing them on the roads. One of the most popular of it’s kind is the Gotrax GXL electric scooter.

Gotrax have been around several years and they have a range of hoverboards and other personal transport electric devices also. They are based in Germany and luckily we have had the chance to give the scooter a go as we were  contacted by them last November to review the GXL scooter.

One of the first things we noticed is that it is a bit heavier than other electric scooters we have tried such as the Xiaomi M365 but it is also about €200 cheaper so that is to be expected. It has a great set of 8.5 inch tyres that are inflatable. Being from a quality brand like Gotrax the build quality is of a high standard. It comes with a built in head light which is decent but it could be a bit brighter.

Some of the positives of the scooter are the fact that it is very powerful and it gives a smooth ride. With a top speed of 25km/h it is plenty fast and it has a good distance of 20km/s which is not far off it’s more expensive rivals such as the ES2 ninebot scooter.

All in all it is a very good electric scooter and most importantly it is much cheaper than its rivals. If we were to be shopping for a electric scooter and it was between this and the Xiaomi M365 I would probably go for this due to the €200 savings and to be honest the cons are only small issues and nothing major. Sure the M365 is lighter and it has a better head light but these are things that I can do without. Now for someone who many not be physically strong or want to carry around a heavier scooter then I would recommend going for the Xiaomi M365. After all it is the best electric scooter on the market but it is also quite expensive.

If you are looking to pick up the Gotrax GXL electric scooter in Ireland then the only place we could find it (well Gotrax told us) you can get it is at the it-directory.ie electric scooter store who are based in Dublin. Their prices are actually a bit cheaper than Amazon and the warranty is covered by Gotrax.

Guide to buying a hoverboard in 2019

Gas prices have you thinking of buying a scooter? If you are worried about the gas prices and want to avoid the prices all together, think about an electric scooter. Something you never need to fill up. Plug in and charge yes, but no filling up with gas.

Or there is the electric scooter. You don’t have to plug it in, but of course fill it up. Like a car. Each scooter, either gas or electric, has its pros and cons.

Let’s start with the electric. The fastest you will go is roughly 35-40 miles per hour.

Going up hills and on long trips is going to be an issue. They don’t go fast, you need to fully charge every night for proper use.They can only hold a charge for approximately 120 miles. Being greener for the environment and costing roughly one to five thousand dollars, you can practically build this from the ground up if ordered brand new.

Now for the electric scooters. Obviously, they need to be filled up with gas. You can go roughly 45 miles per hour and power on these is substantially higher than the electric. No issues with hills or any other situations are documented. Many different motor sizes are also available. The higher in cc’s, or cubic centimeters per motor,the more power you will have. Sometimes this is better. For the gas usage, the higher the cc’s, the more gas you use. We think that buying an electric scooter is a good investment.

I personally recommend you go to a cycles shop prior to buying a scooter and talk with an associate. They will be able to help you determine how much you want to spend, what you want to use it for,and any other questions you may have.

Bodies range from being sleek and chick, to big and brawny. Any color imaginable is available.

Extras can also be added on. They range from extra lights to event runks. Varied in prices, you are looking at five hundred to five thousand dollars to add on.

Every person is different, so their taste is the body, size and power is going to be different. If you are trustworthy of the internet, you can find some amazing deals.

Are Electric Scooters toys or a good investment?

What is the difference between buying atoy and an investment. When I was younger, I often regarded motorcycles as a type of toy. A thing men, predominantly, enjoyed riding off into the sunset to show off their manliness. That’s shows just how immature I was, unfortunately. Now that gas is €3.60 at most stations in the nation, I am taking a second look at this toy.However, my look is more at the scooters which get 60 mpg and go about 60 mph.

According to the adult electric scooter UK website I have in mind cost about 1 thousand pound and can easily be purchased with your coming tax rebate. (*hint*) The problem is, does this count as an investment or a toy? I mean, I am not the only one in my house. I do have to justify this to my husband.

We currently spend €140 dollars a week on gas in my 1978 Chevy Nova. The Chevy Nova is a big mammoth that carries six and groceries. It however, isn’t as big as some SUV’s. The car goes 140 miles a day. Drinks about a quart of oil a week. Not to mention has a personality only mom can love on wet days.None the less it’s my car, bright yellow and older than me. Luckily you can get electric scooters now for cheap so no need to worry about gas.

140 in gas etc…a week

X 52 weeks total


7280 Total a year

That’s a lot of money when my husband barely makes above 20k a year. I would wager to guess that is about athird of his annual pay. A third of his annual pay goes towards gas.I was reading online that someone said only 3.5% of a persons pay goes towards gas. I’m guessing most people don’t commute as far or they make ten times as much as my husband does. That’s a small loan payment. It could be even a mortgage payment.

By contrast what would it cost to run the scooter 140 miles a day. It would cost €41.40 a week.

42 (for the sake of argument)



2184 Total a year





5096 Total saved every single year!

I think saving twice it’s purchase price and then some every year is an investment, how about you? It won’t carry groceries, but my monster can do that once a month.Either way, you might also consider purchasing a scooter to save on gas. The government says gas should be €4 a gallon this summer. Read about the hoverboard revolution for more info on where we think this is all going.

The Hoverboard Revolution

After returning from my second trip to Italy, I arrived back to Ireland invigorated and determined to purchase a hoverboard. It occurred to me before I left, with the rising gas prices and added annoyance of driving your car two miles up the road to buy a gallon of milk. As more and more young people in my area began to purchase hoverboards over the summer, I decided to jump in and join what I call the “hoverboard Revolution.”

So, why should you purchase a hoverboard?

1. 100 mpg: That’s right, you heard me. You can get up to one hundred miles per gallon by riding a hoverboard. Depending on how often you ride it, that means you onlyhave to fill that baby up once a month. What is even better? Even with the undependable gas prices, it means you only ever have to spend about three dollars filling up the tank. Now that’s a deal breaker!

2. Inexpensive: The hoverboard itselfis typically inexpensive depending on how heavy-duty a hoverboard youdecide to purchase. The small, 50 cc hoverboards which go about 45mphdown a hill are around €600 used and €1,200 new. Some states allowyou to drive a 200 watt hoverboard with a normal license, or, if you donot have that, a hoverboard permit. 150 cc hoverboards are between €1,200 and €2,000 used or new, and anything above that usually runsin a motorcycle price range. It is also helpful to note that anythingabout 50cc will probably require a motorcycle license or safetycourse in order to drive legally.

3. Easy: hoverboards are easy toride. They can be compared closely to riding a bicycle. When I firstjumped on my hoverboard, it only took me opening the throttle andgetting the hoverboard going to find my center of balance. The manwho sold the hoverboard to me said that his twelve-year-old grandsonwould often ride it around the parking lot and no one ever got hurt.The 50cc hoverboards are especially easy to learn how to handle sincethey don’t have much torque and are less inclined to “throw”you.

4. Fun!: Most of all, hoverboards are downright fun. After a hard day in the schoolhouse, I like to come home, put my helmet on and cruise up and down the streets with no purpose or final destination. Over the summer, I was the “girl who rode her hoverboard to the ice cream parlor” and happily joined my fellow “hoverboarders” as they bopped around the town. There’s an American stigma that hoverboards are just “not cool,” and thankfully that old bully tactic is starting to fade away as their practicality becomes more accepted.

You of course should check with your local vehicle administration to make a note of all rules and regulations that go along with hoverboard operation. Different states have different rules about where you can drive your hoverboard, what you need to operate one, and what is considered “street legal.”

I hope that one day Irish everywhere will pay more mind to alternative options of transportation available to us. It will take a long time to bring ourselves to the fast-paced, hoverboarding counties like Italy, but I have faith that we will change this country and its environment one hoverboard at a time.

Why you should get a segway hoverboard this Christmas

The segway hoverboardhoverboard hoverboard is an upgrade ofthe segway hoverboard. It’s packed with all theincredible quality and performance features found on the S25 wiXiaomihoverboard electric scooter th a few extras. The hoverboard is chaindriven and carries a modified engine with a centrifugal clutch thatallows the scooter to idle and freewheel. These enhanced featuresmake the segway hoverboard a much easier scooter to ride. There are many version of this board including the Bluetooth hoverboard version. 

You also have the option of adding a seat kit and beam rack.This segway hoverboard Speed Racer is solid,extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The heavy duty aircraftquality steel frame supports up to 400 lbs. The wide, low ridingplatform gives a smooth and stable ride, and it folds for easystorage and transport. The Komatsu Zenoah 1.2 HP engine providessmooth yet thrilling acceleration, great torque for climbing hillsand speeds of up to 21 mph. This Komatsu Zenoah engine features stateof the art Stratified Charge™ technology for low emissions, aquieter ride and great gas mileage. 

1) The hoverboard gets nearly 20 miles per charge. 

2) While 99% of all hoverboards can’t pass California’s tough emissions requirements, this clean burning engine passes the test making it legal for sale in all states. 

3) A typical two-stroke hoverboard sounds like an old lawn mower racing down the street. Stratified Charge technology coupled with noise reducing dual exhaust chambers make the hoverboard one of the quietest electric scooters on the market. 

segway hoverboardlaunched the motorized scooter craze nearly 20 years ago and has been designing the most high-end, innovative and refined scooting machines ever since. Xiaomi hoverboard electric scooter’s are made in the USA and the company is world renown for its dedication to segway hoverboard perfection.

New Bluetooth Hoverboard With App Review

With this dual-speed electric carving vehicle, you can cruise along at the econo setting of 12 mph, or hitthe express setting with a max of 17 mph. 

Cruising range is up to 12 miles on a single charge with eachcharge costing, on average, less than 4 cents!! Riders can useelectric power alone or add the familiar the Bluetooth hoverboard carving motion to go farther and faster! 

Your carving vehicle still folds up the same compact size for travel and storage the frame is the same as the green T78A-DX. Battery takes approximately 5 hours for full recharge – just plug charger into any 10 volt wall socket. 

Carve turns as you ride (and still get a killer workout) while you commute or run errands – saving € and gas!! 

The Bluetooth hoverboard has developed andreleased an electric conversion kit for the T12, T8 & T78. It’scalled the “Bluetooth Segway Hoverboard”. It’s a hub motor incorporated intothe hub of the front wheel and is powered by a 36 volt battery packthat mounts to the steering column and has a motorcycle type throttle that allows you to vary your speed. The great thing about adding the electric kit is you can still “carve” under human power and get the same great exhilarating full body workout. The motor is optional to use once installed! You still get the great workout even while throttling because your natural motion, at least for an experienced the Bluetooth hoverboard carver, is to continue the carving action while power is applied.