What is the difference between buying atoy and an investment. When I was younger, I often regarded motorcycles as a type of toy. A thing men, predominantly, enjoyed riding off into the sunset to show off their manliness. That’s shows just how immature I was, unfortunately. Now that gas is €3.60 at most stations in the nation, I am taking a second look at this toy.However, my look is more at the scooters which get 60 mpg and go about 60 mph.

The scooters I have in mind cost about1 thousand dollars and can easily be purchased with your coming tax rebate. (*hint*) The problem is, does this count as an investment or a toy? I mean, I am not the only one in my house. I do have to justify this to my husband.

We currently spend €140 dollars a week on gas in my 1978 Chevy Nova. The Chevy Nova is a big mammoth that carries six and groceries. It however, isn’t as big as some SUV’s. The car goes 140 miles a day. Drinks about a quart of oil a week. Not to mention has a personality only mom can love on wet days.None the less it’s my car, bright yellow and older than me.

140 in gas etc…a week

X 52 weeks total


7280 Total a year

That’s a lot of money when my husband barely makes above 20k a year. I would wager to guess that is about athird of his annual pay. A third of his annual pay goes towards gas.I was reading online that someone said only 3.5% of a persons pay goes towards gas. I’m guessing most people don’t commute as far or they make ten times as much as my husband does. That’s a small loan payment. It could be even a mortgage payment.

By contrast what would it cost to run the scooter 140 miles a day. It would cost €41.40 a week.

42 (for the sake of argument)



2184 Total a year





5096 Total saved every single year!

I think saving twice it’s purchase price and then some every year is an investment, how about you? It won’t carry groceries, but my monster can do that once a month.Either way, you might also consider purchasing a scooter to save on gas. The government says gas should be €4 a gallon this summer. Read about the hoverboard revolution for more info on where we think this is all going.