With this dual-speed electric carving vehicle, you can cruise along at the econo setting of 12 mph, or hitthe express setting with a max of 17 mph. 

Cruising range is up to 12 miles on a single charge with eachcharge costing, on average, less than 4 cents!! Riders can useelectric power alone or add the familiar the Bluetooth hoverboard carving motion to go farther and faster! 

Your carving vehicle still folds up the same compact size for travel and storage the frame is the same as the green T78A-DX. Battery takes approximately 5 hours for full recharge – just plug charger into any 10 volt wall socket. 

Carve turns as you ride (and still get a killer workout) while you commute or run errands – saving € and gas!! 

The Bluetooth hoverboard has developed andreleased an electric conversion kit for the T12, T8 & T78. It’scalled the “Bluetooth Segway Hoverboard”. It’s a hub motor incorporated intothe hub of the front wheel and is powered by a 36 volt battery packthat mounts to the steering column and has a motorcycle type throttle that allows you to vary your speed. The great thing about adding the electric kit is you can still “carve” under human power and get the same great exhilarating full body workout. The motor is optional to use once installed! You still get the great workout even while throttling because your natural motion, at least for an experienced the Bluetooth hoverboard carver, is to continue the carving action while power is applied.