What to look for when buying an Ebike Conversion Kit

We have not wrote a lot about ebike conversion kits here at ridegasscooters.com as we have mainly focused on the electric scooter as that is where all the rage as been the last while. However ebikes are a great alternative and many people may prefer using them as they are used to bikes on the road where as the electric scooters are still only really catching on.

The great thing about getting yourself an electric bike is that you don’t actually have to get an electric bike! Instead all you need is one of these ebike conversion kits and you can make your normal bike an electric bike in an evening. All you need to do is buy an all in one ebike converion kit and install it on to your standard bike.

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What you need to decide before choosing a ebike kit is what you actually want it for. Is it to go a greater distance? Is it to climb steep hills in your area? Or is it purely for fun. If you are using it to commute to work and it is quite a distance then you will want a electric bike conversion kit that has a great range. This can be powered by a 250W motor which should be more than enough to get you say 50 miles on a full charge.

You will also need to look at things likeĀ  max speed. The average max speed is about 15 miles per hour which is quite a bit for a bike. Some other things to consider are where you want the battery. There are both front and back electric wheel options and also a mid hub option which is best as it has the weight of the battery in the middle of the bike. This is quite a basic explanation of what is needed for an ebike conversion kit but if you want to know more we have set up a new website especially dedicated to them as we think they are great. Just head over to www.ebikeobsessed.co.uk and there are articles on everything you need to know about getting yourself an ebike.