Why are ebike conversion kits becoming so popular?

Do you love commuting to work on your bike but find it quite exhausting and you are physically worn out to cycle to and from work? Well there is another way that means you can continue the cycle you enjoy without the need to over exert yourself. An electric bike conversion kit means that you can convert your peddle bike into a fully operational electric bike.

What do electric bike conversion kits do?

Why might you want to do that we hear you ask? Well by making your peddle bike into an electric bike with an ebike conversion kit you can ride a greater distance as you will be getting assistance from the electric motor. This means that you do not have to use as much energy to go greater distances. It also means that you can tackle any terrain and just give yourself a boost with the electric throttle when you need some extra help.

There are many different options when it comes with the electric bike conversion kits including electric wheel kits which means you remove your standard wheel and install an electric wheel that has an inbuilt motor on it. This can either be done on the front or the rear of the bicycle.

Another option is to get a mid frame motor which can usually be installed onto the frame of the bike. This gives the bike greater balance as the motor is installed under the driver. According to ebikeobsessed this is the best method and is the most popular method due to the even weight distribution.

What’s even better is that these electric bike conversion kits can be gotten as part of the bike to work scheme in the UK. This means that the government will fund you with a grant so you won’t even have to pay the whole cost of the ebike conversion kit! We thought we would mention this as a great option to get to work as we love all things electric! Until next time..